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My oh My Vintage!

Hello my charm of fellow Magpies*,

We’re on the vintage trail again this week! I’m very new to the world of vintage clothes, and I want to keep you up to date with my discoveries along the way. I’ve been astounded by how accessible vintage dressing actually is, and I hope my experience might prove helpful, or inspiring, for other people.

A few months ago, I started tweet-chatting with the lovely Emma Brown (follow her here @emmabphilosophy), just about life and all things related to it. Then I realised that Emma owned her own online vintage boutique, and, of course, I had to have a look. Just out of politeness, you know…!

My Vintage is a┬ásuperb site, with a wealth of fantastic vintage pieces. One of the first things I noticed was the variety of sizes My Vintage offer, from size sixes to size sixteens, and in styles to suit all body shapes. The only downside? I’m yet to win the lottery, or master the skill of shapeshifting! However, there is plenty to lust after for all sizes and budgets, never fear! In addition to vintage clothes and accessories, My Vintage also sell new retro items, which look back to our heydays (mine being the nineties – though, thank Heavens, there is not a shellsuit in sight!).

Via Twitter and Facebook (find My Vintage’s page here), Emma provides amazing customer service: need an outfit, or just fancy something new? Tell Emma, and she will do her utmost to find it for you! If you’re not quite sure what you want, Emma listens to your likes and shape-needs, and searches her treasures to find the perfect piece for you. I love seeing a tweet from Ms Brown, showing me a newly discovered meant-for-Missy item. Now, how many other online shop owners can say they do the same?

I do have extra reasons to adore Emma, but one is a continuation of her impeccable customer service. Everyone has bits of their body they would rather keep covered, and others they would like to show off, but my body makes choosing clothes a bit more complicated than for most folk. Knowing that I have a few unusual things to consider, Emma assured me that if the dress I ordered wasn’t right, I could of course return it, and even understood when it took me a few days to try the beauty on. Sadly, the dress wasn’t right for me (sob), and back she went, tenderly wrapped in tissue paper. Luckily for one of you, the dress is still available here…and here she is!

(photo from myvintage.co.uk)

I wasn’t perturbed, knowing that perfect my dress was there waiting for me, I just needed to control my indecisive nature. Happily for me, Emma was equally keen to find me my perfect piece, and kept me updated via Twitter. Alas, my body kept throwing up obstacles, until Emma showed me this 1960s gem

(photo from myvintage.co.uk)

It was love before the photo had fully loaded – we finally had a winner! That in itself had me singing my Magpie heart out, but then Emma pointed out that, to equal the price of the astrological dress, I had enough credit to snap up another dreamy dress I had been eyeing. Slightly ironically, I can’t bloody stand The Sound of Music, but I’d fit right in amongst the singing kinder in this gorgeous gown (also from the 1960s – I am obsessed)!

(photo from myvintage.co.uk)

Both can be worn with tights (very important for me), and I even have the perfects pairs of shoes to go with them. Those dresses were destined to be mine!

I was going to show you my favourite items on My Vintage, but then I had a much better idea….Why not ask Emma to show us her top treasures? It’s the perfect excuse to get to know one of my favourite people better, too. So, stand by for part two of this blog post, where Emma will kindly answer a few questions for me, and give you the inside scoop on what vintage clothes you should be shopping for right now.

With a flutter of feathers, I’ll say TTFN.

Missy Magpie xx

*a “charm” is one of the collective nouns for Magpies. Nicer than a “tiding”, a “gulp”, or a “murder”, eh?



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