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Hallowe’en Hangover

Hello ghouls,

Oops, I mean girls! Hallowe’en has been and gone, and now we have the firework bangs and whizzes ringing in our ears, and jaw ache from munching toffee apples!

So, did we all have a good Hallowe’en? For the first time in years, I actually had a reason to get dressed up, and I relished it somewhat. Unfortunately, time and cash put some restrictions on me, but that just reminded me of why it’s always worth having a very varied wardrobe!

I’ve had a bit of a circus obsession for quite sometime, and really love the ringmaster (or should I say ringmistress?) look. All of the fancy dress shop costumes were a bit too revealing for yours truly (who has little to reveal!), so I had to go down the DIY route.

(not sure why it’s blurry!)

It got a good response, and I felt good in it. A success! Where did it all come from? I shall tell you…from top to bottom

The gorgeous mini top hat was made the wonderful Little Miss B (at short notice, I might add!). It’s beautifully made, and held on by an alice band (my choice over elastic). You can find Little Miss B’s shop on Etsy here, which is full of millinery marvels, or contact Miss B for a commissioned piece via Twitter or by email at littlemissb@live.com I can’t wait to have more hats made by Miss B, and we’re already discussing designs!

Next, the jacket, which I’ve had for about eighteen months. The skull is made of a vinyl material, and unbuttons completely, while on the back there is a big red bow. I just love the way I feel in it, and it is amazingly tailored. This gorgeous piece was made by the owners of Dollchops

The tops underneath were a past season ASOS lace, low back number, and a good old Marks and Spencer black cami. The shorts were from H&M at the start of the year (they feature in another of my posts), and my tights were from Tabio.

The shoes were a little indulgence, but I rarely find glam shoes that are good for me (excuses, excuses!). The beauties were £50 from Office

And, they matched my shorts and bag perfectly! My bag was £28 from Topshop

My eye make up was by the always wonderful Urban Decay – shadow in ‘Jinx’, liner in ‘Binge’ (each only available within sets). Bright red lippie was courtesy of Nars, and their gorgeous ‘Cruella’ Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. Obviously, bright blue and bright red together are strictly fancy dress fodder, but individually they look gorgeous for any night out. Though I can rarely carry them off, and have to stick to neutrals *sob* My fine moustache was created using an Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in ‘Bourbon’. I must say that I go without wearing make up for weeks, hence how I can afford these brands!

Lastly, for those who might be interested, my faux leather riding crop was from In Tack Shop, and cost £9.99.

I hope you all had brilliant Hallowe’ens, and didn’t have any apple bobbing mishaps! I’m already planning next year’s outfit…

Treats to all,

Missy xx



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