And the award for World’s Slowest Blogger goes to….

…Missy Magpie!

I’m most annoyed with myself at not blogging for such a long time. The fates have been conspiring against me!

I’m give to give you all a few highlights from Missy Magpie’s finds and buys over the past couple of months. It will ease me and you back in to this blog! And, hopefully, you’ll find something interesting, too.

My birthday

Firstly, my super amazing present from my Mum and Dad! I’ve loved Melissa Plastic Dreams shoes ever since I stumbled across them in a magazine a couple of years ago. Not only do we share a name (Melissa, in case you were wondering!), but they are vegan, eco-friendly, and make a positive change to the lives of those who makes the shoes. Oh, and they’re gorgeous and innovative! I’d been pining after a particular pair of Melissa shoes for months and months, and had been saving my pennies for them. Then, on my birthday, I ripped the paper off of my present, and this is what I found underneath…

(Photo from

The shoes are Ultragirl – J Maskrey ‘Night Sky Edition’ and they are available from Spoiled Brat for £220 (they were a very special present!!)

For my day out, I went to Brick Lane and Spitalfields with a group of my closest friends (minus one – boo to weekend work!). Brick Lane had some great shops, but on bright, hot Sunday, it was far too busy for me, and my friends felt a little harassed, too. I would like to go shopping on a weekday there, investigating all the shops and boutiques, such as Religion, At Work Gallery, and Rokit, as well as many others. We visited the Sunday Up Market on Brick Lane too, which was full of little treasures. Unfortunately, I haven’t photographed what I bought there yet, but one piece was a beautiful handmade and hand-dyed felt cloche hat by Orizu. Go and check her out! I found the market very hot and stuffy (as there are many food stalls), so I would recommend taking a bottle of water, and not hanging around too long…unless you enjoy being red-faced and sweating!

After Brick Lane, we wandered off to Spitalfields, which is only a five minute walk away (if you don’t go in the wrong direction like I did!). We all fell in love with it instantly; it was light and airy, and full of gorgeous stalls and shops. My photographic skills have failed me again, but I bought a great, handmade dark denim dress in a very original design and a mini top hat fascinator. I can’t wait to go back with more funds, and spend a whole day there, exploring the stalls I missed before. If you need a day out over the summer, please head to Spitalfields, especially the market. You won’t regret it!

Playsuit Pleasure

I’ve been dithering about buying a playsuit for months; I love shorts, and I love the styles, but wasn’t sure if they would suit my body shape. A couple of weeks ago, I took the plunge and treated myself to this little summery number

(Photo from

It was £45 from Topshop, and I feel great in it. It holds me in where I need to be held, and gives the illusion of an hourglass figure hiding underneath it. I plan to wear it with either a white cropped cardi, or a white three-quarter sleeve bodysuit from American Apparel.

Then I did something naughty…I had an opportunity to treat myself to a few things, and I was powerless to resist! I’ve adored Stop Staring dresses for an age, but, as I’m a shorty who can’t wear high heels, they’ve always been too long for me. But then I happened across this little wonder…

(Photo from

It fulfills my desire for anything nautical, a Stop Staring piece, and another playsuit. Spiffing!! This little beauty came from Atom Retro, and cost £94.99 (hey, I resisted the iPhone4!!).

One last naughty thing…

After a particularly rubbish morning a couple of weeks ago, my Mum and I decided that a trip to Covent Garden was in order. And, of course, we couldn’t go to Covent Garden without visiting our lovely new friends in Fifi Wilson (who we met at Tart – see my previous post)! We had great chat with Dawn, and I spoke to Fifi on the phone, as she was in their lovely Chelsea store. There are so many beautiful pieces of clothes and jewellery to be found in Fifi Wilson shops, not to mention the shoes and handbags! And you couldn’t wish to buy from nicer people. During our chat, I kept wandering back to one of the racks, and lusting over a Vivetta jacket. Eventually, I asked Dawn if I could “just try it on”, purely out of interest (!!). But once it was on, we became one, and I knew I couldn’t leave the jacket there, all alone. What else could I do but buy it?!

Look how beautiful it is, with the silver piping and bows covering the buttons! I feel a fifties influence, don’t you? And I think Vivetta could easily become my favourite designer. This gorgeous jacket is now in the sale at Fifi Wilson for £117.60. Be sure to look at all of the other beautiful bargains to be had on the site and in the chic stores right now. (Note: Missy takes no responsibility for over-spending!). And for all of you Twitterers, follow Fifi Wilson here, for fab fashion and cheeky chat!

So that’s brought you almost up to speed! I hope you’ve discovered some new treasures, just like I did. Please let me know if you indulge!

Ta ta for now,

Missy xx

Next blog post – My day of vintage, cocktails and dressing up with the vivacious Naomi Thompson aka Vintage Secret


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