“I can make you feel good” – the song of my wardrobe!

Hey everyone,

I haven’t got anything to show you today, I’m afraid. This is a writing only post!

I’ve been thinking about why some clothes, or shoes, or accessories just make us feel happier than others, and why that is. Why can some piece of material or metal bring instant smiles to our faces?

Today, I looked down at my battered, beaten-up old Converse high tops, peaking out from under my jeans (I am a jeans wearing girl from time to time, I’ll happily admit!), and they just made me happy. So I thought about which other pieces of apparel have that effect on me, and why…

Purple ruffled French Connection dress

I saw it in a magazine, and it was love at first sight! Although I then had to wait six whole weeks before it hit the shops, and I could snap one up. It cost something like £110, but it was a life-long commitment! It makes me feel like a sixties film star, with its basic shift shape, but beautiful shade and materials. When I first wore it to a fancy, black-tie dinner, so many people commented on it – even two very straight-laced research scientists! I loved it so much, that the next season, I bought the same dress in silver. But it didn’t feel as good. The dark purple version just has that special something, something that makes me dance around the room every time I put it on.

Dark denim short shorts

I have a lot of issues with my body (usual and unusual), so wearing shorts was a big leap for me. I wear them with black tights all year round, invoking Edie “the girl in the black tights” Sedgwick, as I don’t like to show certain things. But still, they make me feel great, and make me love my legs. I’m only short, at 5’3″, but they make the most of what I’ve got – people tell me my legs are a perfect shape, and even I think they’re okay. I can dress them up and down, with an embellished top for the evening, or my checked shirt for the day. They suit all kinds of shoes, too, including my beloved Converse, my tan strappy boots, or my cute t-bars.

Black cropped cardigan

Now this I can’t really explain, past the fact that I guess it has become a sort of security blanket. It goes with everything, is very soft, and has extra long sleeves – perfect for the warming of hands! I practically lived with it throughout uni, stuffing it in my bag, lest a lecture room or the library be too cold. It was just enough to warm me up, without making me so snuggly I nodded off (come on, who hasn’t snoozed in a lecture?!). I was devastated when it disappeared, only to catch my sister with it about a year later! I have reclaimed it, bobbly though it may now be, and still go running to it in this changeable weather (boo and hiss!).

Silver bracelet with coloured glass stones

My mum bought me this when I was in hospital, a good fifteen years ago. I’d been upset, and then told off, so the bracelet was a peace offering of sorts. She got it in a little boutique jeweller’s in Lamb’s Conduit Street, just round the corner from the hospital. It’s only small, and dainty, but I still had to grow in to it! People always comment on it, and it serves to remind me that love and support conquer all. Sugary and sentimental, but true. When I put it on, I remember how lucky I am to always have my parents with me for horrible treatments, even now I’m all grown up. And that’s a huge reason to smile!

I would really love to hear about any item of clothing, jewellery, shoes, accessories that make you feel happy, or amazing, or beautiful, whatever the reason is. Please tell me your stories below!




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2 responses to ““I can make you feel good” – the song of my wardrobe!

  1. Vicky

    I have a blue fleece top that my Mum made for me years ago. It’s be no means fashionable, and I’d be mortified to be seen out in public in it. But…when I’m not feeling too good it keeps me warm and makes me happy because my lovely Mum made it for me!

  2. That’s exactly the kind of thing I meant. The clothes that mean the most don’t have to be really expensive, or gorgeous looking, they just have memories woven in to them.
    Thank you! x

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